The beach and cliff near Broadstairs and the entrance/exit to the 39 steps - actually 115!               20 secs.

John Buchan wrote THE 39 STEPS whilst convalescing near Broadstairs on the Kent coast.

It was 1914, WW1 had just started and there were many spy scares in the area.

Near the house there was a tunnelled staircase cut into the cliff, leading from the headland down to the beach.

That was the inspiration for his story.

Pete and Mike as Hannay and Newton.

" Up the 39 STEPS! "


Peter Wear as Richard Hannay and Mike Manicardi as Newton Tweedsmuir in the Badhuistheater production in Amsterdam.

4 mins.

Robin Hood - Part 1


A 1950s radio variety show featuring


A thriller serial in 5 episodes.

Devised and performed by the Peter Wear, Flip Webster

and Joe Hobbs.

20 mins.


July 2000


This is the recently discovered video of the final performance of Peter Wear's signature show that he performed for 18 years.


Dodgy sound (domestic video) but great movement!

Peter Wear's Robin Hood - Part 2
Peter Wear's Robin Hood - Part 3

I visited the area to see whatever could be seen

and, purely by chance, I bumped into a man who

knew exactly where the

steps were. Not only that,

he had a key to the gates

and I had the rare privilege

of walking up them - and

here they are! ..... Walk up them with me.       2 mins.

Part 1  -  45 mins.

Part 2  -  20 mins.

Part 3  -  20 mins.

The British Comedy Company presents The Hound of the Baskervilles.



Peter Wear as Dr. Watson and Jack Vaughan as Sherlock Holmes.


7 mins.